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Our Services

SQL Server Database Administration

SQL Server installation
SQL Server administration
SQL Server 2005-2019
SQL Server Clustering
SQL Server Always ON
SQL Server Replication
and more...

Database Development and Programming

SQL Server T-SQL
SQL Server advanced coding
SQL Server views
SQL Server Stored Procedures
SQL Server Triggers
SQL Server CLR integration
SQL Server Functions
and more...

ETL - Extraction Loading and Transfromation

SQL Server Integration Services
SSIS Project Mode
Data Integration
Workflow Applications
Import from all sources
Import from Oracle, Sybase, Excel, CSV, Share Point, WCF, ...
and more...

SSAS Analysis Services Tabular Model

Tabular Model
Data Warehousing
Database Architecture
Performance Optimization
ETL Integration
Orchestration and Scheduling
and more...

Power BI Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Dashboards
Automated procesing
Interactive Reports
Alerts & Daily Snapshoot
Multi Page Reports
Power BI Apps
Integrated Security
Row Level Security
and more...


Azure data Factory Automation

Azure Data Factory Automation
Pipeline Creation
Integrated and hosted runtimes
Hibrid environments setup
Workflow & Pipeline implementation
Performance Monitoring
Security and Compliance
and more...

Azure SQL Database / Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Database
Azure managed Instance
Azure Hosted VM SQL
Tier U/Down Automation
Geo Replication
Performance Monitoring
Setup Administration Maintenance
Replication & Migration
Automation & Orchestration
and more...

SDLC, AGILE Methodology, DevOps, TFS, Source Tree

Multiple Environments DEV,UAT,PROD, DR, SIT ...
Service Now, SDLC RFC
Visual Studio Integration
DevOps integration
Source Tree Integration
TFS Integration
AGILE Methodology Compliance
and more...

Hybrid Environments Azure & On-Prem

Hibrid Environments
Azure and On Prem integration
Gateway Setup
Security and Compliance
Secure VPN Chanels
Firewall Setup
Automation and On-Prem Synchronization
On-Prem to Azure Replication
and more...


Who Are We

AABAX GmbH is an International Trading and consulting company with headquarters in Wiesbaden/Germany.

The company was founded in August 2003


  • AABAX is Europe-wide supplier of the DIY chains Hornbach (Germany) and Baumax/OBI (Austria) for the area:

  • Privacy (visual shield / natural products)
  • Fuels (wood/pellets)

  • International trade in machinery/equipment

  • Metal industry
  • Agriculture/Forestry
  • Construction

  • Consulting on manufacturing projects in following areas:

  • Foundry production
  • Textiles
  • Agriculture
  • Construction and project management

  • In 2019 AABAX established an IT Consulting branch.

Our Experience

SQL Server Administration 15 years
SQL Server Development 15 years
SQL Server High Availability 15 years
SSRS Enterprise Reporting 15 years
Power BI Enterprise Reporting 6 years
Azure SQL Database 6 years
SSAS Dimensional Model 15 years
SSAS Tabular Model 8 years
Azure Data Factory 5 years
Database Securyty Assesment 15 years
Database Risk Assesment 15 years
GDPR Compliance 2 years

Why Us ?

Because we deliver

Because we do not stop until it is done

Because we are SME

Because we are honest 

Because your success is our success

Because we think out of the box

Because we have teams in Germany, Serbia and United Kingdom



Shaping the future

We are shaping the future by transfering our knowledge to you, and building modern cutting edge business intelligence solutions and delivering the Power BI Dashboards and Reports as the final presentation layer


We bring the data from all parts of your organisation and provide you with the 365 snapshot of your staust and provide the what-if outlook


Once the data is in the database we orchestrate numerous ETL applications, schedule the jobs and process the data warehouse cubes


We develop the solutions fully compliant with the SDLC and AGYLE methodology. We adapt and allign to your internal processes whether it is a TFS or DevOps

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